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2009  APRIL

April 25, 2009

Mystic Chamber of Commerce Membership
Manager & Director of Operations Trish

Nemaa Karate  -Owner Chris Pennenga

Military Seeds -Founders Lorraine Sanborn
and Annie Van Dyke

Happy Cass -Watch Out for Credit Card
Late Charges

April 18, 2009

New London Native and Contemporary
American Artist Elizabeth Enders

Interview with Johnny Mathis

Happy Cass -"Buy One Get One Free"

April 11, 2009
New London County Rugby Team - Dave Carlson (Founder), Greg Smith (President & Captain) and Mike Berling (Member)

Tracy Lachance - Unveils After Lap-Band Surgery

Women's Center South East CT - 1000 Men Campaign Against Domestic Violence - Bob Strickland (Co-Chair)

Happy Cass - Truth in Promotions and Advertising

April 4, 2009

SECT Films - Treasure of SECT Films and
Director of Shadowolf Creations -Steve Artale

SECT Films -SECT Films President -Alec Aston of Aston Media LLC

Happy Cass -Energy and Vehicles

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