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2009  AUGUST

August 29, 2009

John Bolduc (Executive VP Eastern CT
Association of Realtors) - Eastern  CT
Multicultural Residential Resources Fair

Mike Berling  AKA "Dr. Mike" 
Healthcare: A Right or a Privilege

Happy Cass -Speed lines for Bottle &
Can  Redemption?

August 22, 2009
Make Money on Your Unwanted Jewelry,
Helping a Good Cause! -Nancy Shaw &
Trina McCandless

Uptown Girl with Ann Buonocore

Tom Santos -Retailer Finds New Career
as Author After Tragic Death of His Only

Happy Cass -Speeders Should Do Jail

August 15, 2009
Nikoletta Nousiopoulos -Academy of
American Poets

Paul Sollenberger -Retired Air Force
Weather Forecaster and Realtor Weichert

Happy Cass -Embezzlement Fund


August 1, 2009
Nancy Klotz Sun-Up Gallery Owner  "A
Classy Hippy" and Julie Roman Enlco
- Jewelry Designer

Erny Montilio "Angel Ride" Volunteer for
Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang

Ed Randall -Clean Up Facebook: Tips for
Job Hunting College Grads

Happy Cass -Enforce Rules at Ocean
Beach Park


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